Judy Tay Hui Ling

  • Member Since,June 28, 2021
  • Equinet Certifications Certificate Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Experience 11 - 15 Years
  • Other Qualifications Bachelor Degree
The advent of digital technology has taken the world by storm in the last era - and my interest, too, very much in the same way. As an ever-evolving permutation, it has been inspiring to see the ways marketers leverage on the various mediums available to achieve their business and personal goals. As curiosity creates action; and action translates into interpretable data, the digital stratosphere has produced a number of genuinely intriguing results - and this is what fascinates me most about digital marketing.

As a seasoned marketer well-versed in content marketing, I see the prominent role content plays in the whole marketing spectrum. Without high-quality content, the strongest strategies may still falter. Therefore, I aspire to drive myself towards capturing a clear view of all aspects of digital marketing, and not just in content marketing itself; and continue to learn and upgrade when opportunities arise.

What sets me apart from many other marketers is the fact that I possess a wide range of technical and soft skills which helps me plan, strategise, execute and track effectively. From being a certified digital marketing strategist, to a graphic designer-copywriter-video producer, the strong foundation empowers me to see past the horizon, and into details that matter.